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January-December 2008

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23rd December

Passchendaele has been nominated for Best Feature Film in the The Canadian Film and Television Production Association (CFTPA) Indie Awards to be presented in Ottawa on 18th February 2009. Thanks, Dee!

21st December is showing 3rd February as the release date for the DVD of Passchendaele - so far only a Blu-ray version is listed. Thanks to Dee!

27th November

  • Paul Gross has signed for the lead in writer-director William Phillips’ Gunless, a fish-out-of-water tale of a US gunslinger in the distinctly unwild Canadian West. Read the full story at Screen Daily!
  • From today's Globe and Mail:

"Canadian actor-director Paul Gross will team up with his Passchendaele producer Rhombus Media to star in a spoof western called Gun Lust [sic], set to go into production next spring in British Columbia's Okanagan region, reports Playback. Rhombus is co-producing the film about an American gunslinger (Gross) with Vancouver's Brightlight Pictures." (Thanks, Felicity!)

"Within two weeks of its release, Passchendaele passed the $2-million mark at the domestic box office. The flashing smiles at Telefilm Canada can be seen for miles. Meanwhile, Whizbang Films, the shingle of Paul Gross, the man behind that film, is the latest Canadian production company to be approved for Telefilm's CFFF Slate Development Pilot Program." [ more]

21st November

  • Buried On Sunday is on British TV on Monday 24th November at 5 pm on Freeview channel five US and at 6 pm on five US Plus 1. Thanks to Kimm for the heads up!
  • Dee writes:

"I came across this little video of Paul Gross at the Edmonton premiere of "Passchendaele". He tells a lot of the same stories he's said before but he also touches a bit on the role of art in educating people and helping them find some common ground. Plus, it's just a nice video (though a little dark)."

Thanks Dee!

19th November

Passchendaele has passed the $4 Million mark in Canada on its fifth weekend since opening on 17th October and posted a nine percent increase in box office during the week of 11th November!

17th November

  • Time to get voting! Visit NOW to cast your vote for Hottest Canadian Male TV Star. The winner is picked entirely by the TV-watching public via online balloting. There are 10 eligible candidates including, of course, Paul Gross! Voting will continue until 11.59 pm ET on Friday 21st November. You can also vote via
  • An interview between Steve Paikin and Paul Gross on 11th November can be watched here. It's 5th on the list at the moment. You can also subscribe to the The Agenda podcast and download it using Itunes or something similar.
  • Gross finds Passchendaele unites generations - Toronto Star. This article mentions that Paul was recently in Los Angeles for the American Film Market where he was hoping to arrange a distribution deal in the US!

Thanks to Felicity for all the news!

3rd November

The latest Canadian Screenwriter carries an interview with Paul, The Story of Passchendaele. The print edition has photos and, in the full article, Paul reportedly goes on to talk about the new project that he's involved with, an 11-part TV mini-series about the Middle East, with the title "Jerusalem".

2nd November

Paul Gross - Why he's passionate about Passchendaele - Cinema Spy (thanks Wendy)

31st October

Happy Birthday PG-L! and the PG-L are ten years old today! It was on Hallowe'en of 1998 that we opened our website and mailing list - if you'd like a trip down memory lane, you can read the first entries in our guestbook here and our first news entries here. (Scroll to the foot of each page.)

Thank you to everyone who contributed these links!

14th October

  • You can see a ten minute interview, The Passion of Paul, from the CBC Sunday show. Thanks, Felicity!
  • According to the Region 1 DVD release of The Trojan Horse has been delayed until 2nd December. is not currently showing a date. The Region 2 version is still available from

12th October

  • There's now a second part to the video interview with Paul on the NSI website.
  • In this YouTube clip, Paul and Caroline talk from the stage just before the Montreal screening of Passchendaele.
  • And you can also watch the documentary Road To Passchendaele (in seven parts) that aired on Global TV last night.

Thank you to both Mary and Felicity for these links!

2nd October

In this nine-minute National Screen Institute interview, Paul Gross discusses his experiences working in LA, and why he continually turns down offers from Hollywood, preferring to chart his career in Canada. He also talks about his commitment to the Canadian film and TV industry and his disappointment that so many talented artists feel they have to abandon Canada for Hollywood. (Thank you, Felicity! )

30th September

  • Slings & Arrows im deutschen Fernsehen!

Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: 01.10.2008, 21.15 Uhr (ZDFtheaterkanal)

"Erstmals im deutschen Fernsehen ist die vielfach preisgekrönte kanadische Comedy-Serie Slings & Arrows zu sehen: Ab 1. Oktober 2008 präsentiert sie der ZDFtheaterkanal jeweils mittwochs um 21.15 Uhr. Die neue Serie zeigt, dass es gar nicht so einfach ist, das New Burbage Festival erfolgreich zu führen, wo doch nur Shakespeare auf dem Spielplan steht. Dafür gibt es Allüren und Affären, Ekstase und Leidenschaft, Chaos und Perfektion im Überfluss, und das alles on stage wie backstage!"

Thank you very much to Karen for this news!

  • War Drama Family Affair - Ottawa Sun
  • The link to yesterday's Canadian NewsWire story about Passchendaele being shown in Kandahar is now here. There is also an article about it in today's National Post. Again, thanks to Felicity.

29th September

OTTAWA, Sept. 30 /CNW/ - Today, at the Ottawa premiere of the epic war film PASSCHENDAELE, writer, director, star Paul Gross announced that the film will be presented at a special advance screening for Canadian troops stationed in Kandahar prior to its national theatrical release on Friday, October 17th. The screening in Kandahar is scheduled for Friday, October 3rd. "It has taken an uncommonly long time to bring this movie to the big screen but we are finally able to present it to the Canadian public and in some small way pay homage to the sacrifice of our forefathers in the Great War of 1914-1918," says Gross. "It seems fitting that the troops who today so valiantly serve our country are among the first to see it." [read more] Thanks, Felicity!

27th September

Congratulations!Sony Style Audience Choice Award

Cinéfest Sudbury is delighted to announce that Paul Gross’s PASSCHENDAELE is the winner of the 2008 Sony Style Audience Choice Award. Congratulations to Paul and thanks to Felicity for letting us know!

26th September

Bravo (Canada)'s Arts & Minds website is currently featuring Paul as Artist Of The Week and there is a short Passchendaele interview to watch. It may not be there much longer, so don't delay if you want to see it! Arts & Minds on 27th September from 7.00am-7.30am ET will look at a number of Canadian movies including Passchendaele. The show is repeated several times so check your TV listings. Thanks, Maria!

The Trojan Horse on Region 2 DVD is on sale at (with Dutch subtitles). Please note, ordering via our link costs you nothing extra but earns us a small commission to help with our website and mailing list hosting costs.

25th September

The Trojan Horse is finally available to pre-order from and! (Ordering via our links costs you nothing extra but earns us a small commission to help with our website and mailing list hosting costs.) This Region 1 DVD will be released on 7th October. Thanks to Diane - and to Marsha, who saw the news confirmed in the 8th September 2008 issue of Video Business.

17th September

On 11th October on Global TV from 8 pm - 9 pm, tune into The Road To Passchendaele, a provocative documentary film which goes behind the scenes of the major motion picture event Passchendaele, written, directed and starring Paul Gross. Pieced together from close to a hundred hours of material, the documentary includes extensive interviews with Paul Gross, Caroline Dhavernas, Joe Dinicol, and many others in the creative team behind the largest Canadian film ever made. The film also features unprecedented on-set access to the massive and muddy Passchendaele battlefield, and the means to recreating hell on earth. Follow Paul and the Passchendaele team as you experience the ultimate "making-of" adventure, from the boot camp training session with the cast, to the Canadian Armed Force's involvement in the film, through to the challenges of accurately depicting one of the most brutal battles in military history. Source: Passchendaele the Movie. Thanks, Angela!

15th September

Passchendaele opens Cinefest - Sudbury Star (thanks, Dee!) This one has a short accompanying home-style video and a photo gallery here.

12th September

  • There's a 4 minute segment of Paul being asked "Would you rather" - a collection of real oddball questions on 6th September on CBC radio's DNTO. Paul's bit starts at 19:50 and runs to approx 24:08 and you hear some delicious laughter. :) You can download it in mp3 format here. Thanks, Felicity!
  • From the creative director of Sharp magazine:

"Now that our magazine has been released I thought you might be interested in the 6-page feature and cover we ran on Mr Gross. You can read the issue online at The September issue of Sharp was distributed to 150,000 Globe and Mail subscribers and to 400 TIFF partygoers at the Passchendaele after-party of which we were sponsors."

9th September

Film: Passchendaele interview - Paul Gross - Tribute

7th September

"There is a river, and there is a horse" - TIFF Passchendaele review (thank you, Nos!)

TVA's Mystère channel in Canada is currently showing Direction Sud from the beginning. Thank you, Yvon.

6th September

Interview: Paul Gross - Harry Rosen (thank you Fiona)

Passchendaele Opens Toronto Film Festival - Empire Movies (thanks, Carole)

CBC radio interview - The Current (part 3)

Film ignores NZ heroes in bloody battle - New Zealand Herald (thanks, Mary Beth)

17 red carpet photos - Zimbio (thank you Felicity)

5th September

4th September

Well, over 80 people are suffering with post-convention blues now that RCW 139: Toronto Holiday has been and gone, but what an event! Visitors from Germany, Belgium, the UK,the US and Canada made the trip to Toronto for the long overdue return of RCW 139, with countless more fans from across the globe doing their part and purchasing supporting membership packs (if you are one of those people, please go to for shipping information on your goodie bags). We still have a small quantity of supporting membership packs left, so if you dont want to miss out, head on over to before they run out!

We would like to thank our wonderful guests who took time out of their schedule to be with us at the event, Constable Terry Russel, Gail Parker with Cinder, Jay Semko, David Marciano, Catherine Bruhier and Tom Melissis. Special thanks also go to Paul Gross for his generosity in providing personalised autographs for our attendees - it certainly was great seeing the look on their faces when they saw them!

Thanks to our guests and fans who made generous donations for our silent and live Charity Auctions (an extra thank you to Tom Melissis for all his efforts in making the live auction an unforgettable experience!). We have currently raised $2034 from this auction; further donations from the Due South Trading Post and RCW 139 will add to that sum in the very near future.

Missed out on the auction? Well fear not, because we have a number of Tom Melissis's orginal scripts from Due South still to auction off! These were highly popular at the event, and are all unique! Keep checking out for more information on this in the very near future! All money raised will be split three ways and donated to Autism, the Toronto Humane Society, and the Touchstone Youth Centre.

Special thanks also go to our team of dedicated volunteers, our website guru Ed, the Bloor Yorkville Mariott hotel for providing stunning facilities and courteous staff, our A/V hire specialists for an outstanding service, the RCMP Veterans' Association Canteen and the Due South Trading Post.

You can see photos from the event at, including top quality photography from Malcolm Ellis! Lots more to come following this fantastic event, so keep checking the website for regular updates!

Thanks you kindly,
The RCW 139 organisation committee

  • How Are You? a short movie co-written and directed by Martha Burns (Paul's wife) and Susan Coyne of Slings & Arrows fame, will be shown at the 2008 TIFF. It is based on their recent experiences of dealing with other people's reactions while getting through tough times. Read more on the 680 News website.

22nd August

3rd August

From the Interlake Spectator - a report about Paul's recent appearance at the Gimli Film Festival, with photo. Thanks to Felicity!

22nd July


The Movie Network Unveils Fall Programming Highlights

ZOS: Zone of Separation (New Series)
Premieres January 2009 (8 x 60 min; drama)

Co-executive produced by Paul Gross, ZOS: Zone of Separation is a series which chronicles the life-and-death struggle of peacekeepers who must enforce a United Nations-brokered ceasefire in Jadac, a fictional, Sarajevo-like town. Each episode follows the Zone's protagonists in their tortured and tenuous jockeying for influence and advantage as unarmed United Nations Military Observers (UNMOs). Starring Colm Meaney, Lolita Davidovich, Michelle Nolden, Rick Roberts, Enrico Colantoni and Allan Hawco.

18th July

Passchendaele bookThis review has just appeared on for Passchendaele, the novel based on the movie. Thanks to Diane for letting us know!

Most people belive that the book is always better than the movie - well let me put it to you this way. As an actor I have seen the full script and it almost had me crying (what can I say, I'm a guy we don't cry) every time I read the script. And from what I have seen of the film so far it will be one of the best things to happen to the Canadian arts as well as history ever, so if the book is always better then the movie and the movie is outstanding, well then you can just imagine how the book must be!
by R Nogier of Milk River, AB

14th July

With only one day left before registration closes, here's a message from the RCW 139 convention organizing committee:

"The 2008 Due South Convention is fast approaching! RCW139: Toronto Holiday takes place August 15-17 at the Bloor Yorkville Mariott hotel in Toronto. Confirmed guests include David Marciano, Camilla Scott, Catherine Bruhier and Jay Semko. Paul Gross will do his best to attend if his work schedule permits, if he cannot make it, Paul will have a presence at the event - so expect a few surprises!!! Also interested (but not confirmed) in attending are Dean McDermott, Tony Craig, Tom Melissis, Jim Bracchitta, Executive Producers Kathy Slevin and Jeff King, and Draco's sister (also stunt double) Cinder with her trainers Rick and Gail Parker. The RCMP and Due South trading post will be attending, along with many exciting events and activities planned!

All Payments and Registrations for RCW 139: Toronto Holiday MUST be received before midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on July 15th 2008!

There is still just enough time to head over to the website, register and purchase your tickets. After 15th July, all registrations and payments will no longer be accepted and the Online Store/Registration facility will be unavailable. This will also apply to 'Supporting Membership' packages (which include a goodie bag) and 'Bus Tour Tickets'!

So what are you waiting for? Visit the site now to ensure your place at the 2008 convention, and if you can't make it, then grab a 'Supporting Membership' while they are still available to claim your goodie bag. After all, there are less than 35 days until the convention takes place!"

30th June

If you'd like to see and hear Paul as he addressed the Senate on 28th May, you will find the avi.file here - many thanks to Primrose for this! However the file is very large - 1.2 GB - and can only be hosted at that location for the next ten days or so. For a more permanent link, or if you would find five smaller downloads helpful, click on the following:

Once you have downloaded all five parts (make sure to save them all in the same folder), you can re-join them with the free, safe and very easy to use HJ-Splitter, which you can find here. Many thanks to Eileen for making these files available!

Please note: the file quality is poor in places so please don't think your download went wrong!

28th June

The Interlake Spectator reports that Paul Gross will be participating in a panel discussion at the upcoming Gimli Film Festival in Manitoba on Saturday 26th July. The article states the event will be open to public. Thanks to Marsha Ann for the news!

25th June

Many thanks to Felicity for this link to the transcript of Paul's contribution to the Senate Banking Trade and Commerce Meeting on 28th May. You have to scroll down to nearly the half way point on the page to read what Paul said about Bill C-10.

17th June

2008 Toronto International Film Festival To Open With World Premiere Of Paul Gross’s Passchendaele

Toronto - The 33rd Toronto International Film Festival® opens September 4 with the world premiere Gala Presentation of Passchendaele, written, directed and produced by celebrated Canadian filmmaker Paul Gross. Co-produced by Niv Fichman, Frank Siracusa and Francis Damberger, Passchendaele stars Gross (Men with Brooms, Due South, Slings & Arrows), Caroline Dhavernas (Hollywoodland, Breach, Niagara Motel), Gil Bellows (The Shawshank Redemption, Ally McBeal) and Joe Dinicol (George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead, Train 48). The 33rd Toronto International Film Festival runs September 4 to 13, 2008.,.. read more

4th June

  • The book of Passchendaele the Movie is now available for pre-order (for August 22nd) from at CA$9.99. Thanks to Felicity for the news!
  • Thank you to Claire for this message for UK fans:

Have just noticed that two episodes (episodes 3 and 4 of the first series) of Slings and Arrows are being broadcast in the UK for Sky digital viewers on Sky Arts - channel 267 - and Sky Arts HD - channel 268 - next Tuesday, 10th June. Perhaps they are showing the whole series and I missed the first two episodes? Anyway - tune in if you can!

29 May

  • Kady O'Malley from Macleans liveblogged the senate meeting that Paul went to yesterday. You can read the blog here. Thank you very much to Roseanne for the link!
  • We have been asked by the organisers of RCW 139: Toronto Holiday to pass on the following:

The 2008 Due South fan convention 'RCW139: Toronto Holiday' will take place August 15-17 at the Bloor Yorkville Mariott hotel in Toronto! The event is shaping up to be a fun-packed weekend, with special guests David Marciano, Camilla Scott and Catherine Bruhier all confirmed to attend so far, with many other cast and crew guests interested/likely to attend. There will also be participation from the RCMP and the Due South Trading Post. Fan and guest panels, games, contests, parties and a gala dinner are crammed into the schedule with lots more taking place! You can also purchase tickets for the great T.O. Due South bus tour if you want to see where this classic TV show was filmed! If you are unable to attend, don't worry! You can purchase supporting membership packs which include the attendee goodie bag!

For more information, or to buy tickets please visit or email us at

24th May

Paul is to address a Senate Banking Trade and Commerce Meeting about Bill C-10 on Wednesday 28th May. Details here, and it appears the webcast will be available here. Thank you to Felicity and Primrose for the info!

21st May

Passchendaele websiteCheck out the amazing new Passchendaele website where you can watch the movie trailer, browse the photo gallery, download posters and wallpaper, watch interviews with cast and crew, read letters written by Canadian soldier Michael Dunne (a character based on Paul's grandfather) - and lots more. Thanks to Whizbang Films and Mary for the heads up!

From the Toronto Star:

"Those who care about [arts enrichment in school districts where families struggle on the poverty line] may want to attend Telling Tales, People for Education's fifth annual benefit, set for May 25 at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts in the Distillery District. Among those in the show are writers Anne Michaels, Claudia Day and Terry Fallis; actors Graham Abbey, Nicholas Campbell, Paul Gross and Albert Schultz; and singer Molly Johnson."

Thanks to Felicity for this news!

12th May

Here is a short video clip of Paul "answering 5 questions" in his old home town, Calgary. Thank you, Felicity!

5th May

Mars Is Heaven, #31 in The Ray Bradbury Theatre: The Martian Episodes, is showing on Sky Zone Horror in the UK today at 2.30 pm and again at 7.00 pm. Many thanks to Kataan for the heads up!

4th May

Leading Men: Paul Gross and Don McKellar show the Canadian film industry the way forward,.. read more in the Calgary Herald. Thanks, Felicity!

Birthday boy30th April

Happy Birthday Paul!

28th April

Paul is taking part in the fifth annual Telefilm Gala Dinner at ShowCanada 2008 on the evening of May 1st in Banff, Alberta... read more. Thank you, Felicity!

27th April

As Geoffrey TennantThe Calgary Chamber of Commerce is hosting a special dinner event on Wednesday 30 April (Paul's birthday!) at which Paul Gross and Niv Fichman will talk about Passchendaele and investing in the Canadian film industry. Tickets are $55.00 for members and $95.00 for future members... read more. Thanks to Angela for the news!

According to the Calgary Herald Paul has agreed to a novel based on the screenplay of Passchendaele. The book will be published by HarperCollins Canada in September. More at Thanks to Felicity for letting us know!

17th April

The National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI) is pleased to announce acclaimed Canadian writer, director, producer and actor Paul Gross as its Honorary Chair. This new position will allow Gross to share his expertise, experience and passion for the Canadian film and television industry with NSI participants,.. read more. Congratulations to Paul and thanks to Felicity for the news!

8th April

7th April

5th April

29th March

28th March

27th March

  • Paul and Martha are featured in the next issue of Hello Canada Magazine, issue dated March 31, 2008. The article and pictures cover four pages. Thanks to Fiona for letting us know!
  • Look out for a piece on Trojan Horse (with review) in tomorrow's Globe and Mail; and the cover of the Toronto Star TV magazine this weekend.
  • Join in with the Trojan Horse Facebook Event!
  • There's also plenty to see at the new CBC Trojan Horse website.
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse

26th March

Here is a Canadian Press preview article about H2O II: The Trojan Horse. It contains a few SPOILERS so beware! Thanks to Felicity for passing this on.

21st March

Yesterday's interview with Paul is now on the The Hour website. There was also a small skit at the beginning of the show which you can see here. Thanks to Felicity!

19th March

Paul will be appearing on The Hour tomorrow, Thursday 20th March, at 11pm on CBC.

8th March

Our Czech and Slovak visitors might like to go to the Česko-Slovenská filmová databáze to read more about Paul. Thanks to Alice for letting us know!

7th March

The very, very long-awaited sequel to H2O, The Trojan Horse, is set to air on 30th March and 6th April, according to this article in the National Post (may contain spoilers). So look out for a lot of press activity in the next few weeks!

And if you'd like to see why one lady thinks Paul Gross is a class act, take a look at Lianne's message in our guestbook.

3rd January

Happy New Year to all our readers!

The organizers of the 2008 RCW 139 Due South convention have just announced the pricing and have opened up their Online Store. Their last date for a no-penalty cancellation is 15th February and they would like a minimum number of paid registrations by that point. More details at