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Hi there, I would like to know more about Paul Gross and Due South, And about his singing career. greetings From the windmill-country
Jan-Willem Breider <>
Putten, Gelderland, The Netherlands - 11:25:05 Tuesday 30 March 1999
why did the show 'due south' stoped it's broadcasting in israel? i love this series very very very muce! please, brinng to israel new chpters. at least for me.....theank you for you'r reading.

karin rottenberg <Email address not supplied>
kiriat bialik, Israel - 12:28:12 Saturday 27 March 1999
I want to know if Paul Gross is going to do another television series.

Moira Vyner <>
Greenwich, CT, usa - 20:30:58 Thursday 25 March 1999
Really enjoyed reading you info on Paul Gross. The design of the Website is great, easy to use, enjoyed it very much. I have saved your site as a 'favorite' on my sytem. Thanks for wonderful info on my favorite actor/singer Paul Gross. Regards, Barbara

Mt. Holly, New Jersey, USA - 21:42:07 Wednesday 24 March 1999
I must agree with previous comments that Paul Gross is a very talented actor and I enjoy very much watching him on Due South. The show was very clever and different from all the other junk on. I do hope he will consider doing a few Due South movies.

Jana Whitmore <>
Phoenix, Oregon, USA - 07:03:47 Wednesday 24 March 1999
Paul Gross is an extremely talented actor and I wish to see him on the silver screen very soon again. Living in India I find it difficult to keep up with all the details about Paul.

Maple <Email address not supplied>
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 18:31:41 Tuesday 23 March 1999
I really enjoyed you page and would like to know more. Thank You very Much

Lee Peden <>
Gumbranch, Liberty, GA, United States - 04:34:33 Tuesday 23 March 1999
Greetings from Puerto Rico the Island of Enchantment. I hope to see more and new information on Paul Gross. Here in Puerto Rico we don't get Canadian TV so I have to get the information from the web. P.S. You're doing a great job. Keep it up. Stay cool, Mercy

Mercedes Ortega <>
Carolina, Puerto Rico - 00:21:20 Tuesday 23 March 1999
You have a great page 8-)

Katja <>
Finland - 13:28:49 Monday 22 March 1999
you have created an intelligent and fun site. Keep up the good work. Laughter and escape are why I started watching Due South and Paul Gross and his brand of humor are why I continue.

Pamela Corley <>
Rohnert Park, California, USA - 20:08:15 Sunday 21 March 1999
Your page is terrific. As are all the pictures. Paul Gross is truly talented. I wish we could see more of his work in the US.

M. Maurer <>
San Antonio, Texas, USA - 00:33:53 Saturday 20 March 1999
Does Mr Gross have any new projects, movies, etc coming out and is there any chance of a 'Due South' revival?

Melissa Hart <>
Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 19:56:11 Friday 19 March 1999

Check out ourlatest news page!

This page was awesome. I found out sooo much information I didn't know. Thank you for setting this up and sharing.
No name given  - 17:43:38 Friday 19 March 1999
Just found your website. Thank you. Have been a fan of Paul Gross since 1994 and am trying to garner as much info on him as possible. Like the up-to-date latest info.

Shirley Rambo <>
Seattle, WA, USA - 17:19:32 Thursday 18 March 1999
You have a great site!

H. Armstrong <>
Auburn, Alabama, usa - 19:49:14 Monday 15 March 1999
The PG-L website - BEAUTIFUL (as PAUL GROSS !!!!!)

Butrik Irina <ButrikBL@digsysRU>
Nalchik, KBR, RUSSIA - 23:36:43 Sunday 14 March 1999
What a wonderful site on Paul! I have been a huge fan from first seeing Aspen Extreme. I was very interested in finding out that he is in to music! I plan on ordering Two Houses right away and a few more copies for friends and family!

Kelly G Duennenberg <>
Boerne, Texas 78006, USA - 15:58:44 Saturday 13 March 1999
Thank-You for the great website! I love reading about Paul Gross. I've been a fan since 'Aspen Extreme' & 'Due South' is my favorite tv show, never miss it!!

Brenda <Email address not supplied>
Colorado, USA - 07:45:28 Thursday 11 March 1999
I`m glad to see your website, because in Austria the internet is the only possibility to get more information about Paul. Thank`s.

Silvia Radkolb <>
Graz, AUSTRIA - 11:59:48 Wednesday 10 March 1999
I am a big fan of Paul Gross and think he is truly talented. I have really enjoyed reading this site.

Margaret Ladolcetta <Email address not supplied>
Livingston, New Jersey, USA - 12:36:38 Saturday 06 March 1999
What a treat to hear PG's voice in song! I just heard the 'Thirty Two Men Down' song - thought it was a great tune!

Karen Libby <>
Everett, Washington, USA - 05:11:01 Saturday 06 March 1999
Great site..:)

Rikki <>
Seattle, Wa, USA - 09:25:01 Friday 05 March 1999
Hi Paul I just found this web site so I decided to drop you a line. We really enjoyed your visit to Eastport last summer and we really hope to see you back here on the rock again . So long for now

Terry Bradley The Village Craftsman <>
Eastport, Newfoundland, Canada - 02:34:41 Friday 05 March 1999
Hana Vašáková <>

Brno, Czech Republic - 13:11:52 Thursday 04 March 1999
I happened upon this site via the due south newsgroup. I am very glad I did. What a wonderful site. I've added this to my favorites. Thanks!!!

Wendy Castleman <>
Derby, Kansas, USA - 22:42:10 Wednesday 03 March 1999
This very good site about PG! I am a big fan of him, not only for DS and it is nice to know everything else about him and what is going to happen with his career in the future.

Is it possible to have more pic`s of him to this site? Well, nice site, Thank You Kindly!!
Mervi Lampinen <>
Helsinki, Finland - 13:56:46 Tuesday 02 March 1999
I would like to learn more about obtaining Mr. Gross' music, here in the U.S. ......Thanks

Lee Richerson <>
Seguin, Texas, U.S.A. - 02:21:38 Tuesday 02 March 1999

Finally a great page dedicated to the best actor, writer, and singer alive! Thanks for putting this informative page up. I love due South and I love Paul's singing! He's amazing, he can do everything. Happy due South watching everyone, and remember...JUST DUE IT!
Lauren <>
West Valley, UT, USA - 22:31:52 Saturday 27 February 1999

Barbara Pavelik <Email address not supplied>
Coatesville, Pennsylvania, US - 21:16:33 Saturday 27 February 1999
You Canadians are so lucky. One question, though: on the Barenaked Ladies' liner notes to Stunt, they thanked a 'Paul Gross' at 'Phase One'. Are they referring to PG? Can anyone clear this up for me? Thanks.

jenni <Email address not supplied>
manila, Philippines - 09:36:33 Saturday 27 February 1999

We have it on good authority that the Phase One Paul Gross is, in fact, a Toronto-based recording engineer, not an actor!

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! I just love your site!!  I have a baby turtle I named 'Benton Fraser' in honour of Mr Gross' character.  I am convinced he can't take a bad picture, and the pictures on your site are proof of this.  Please keep up the excellent work!!! Jackie Hawkins <>
Rifle, CO, USA - 01:34:03 Saturday 27 February 1999
The web page is great! I have enjoyed reading through it and come back occasionally to re-read some parts. I didn't know he was so talented!

Nancy Schlinger <>
Rochester, New York, USA - 13:26:45 Friday 26 February 1999
the web site is great. very well organized and informative. i hope due south gets to hang around a good long while. thanks

denise george <>
harrison, arkansas, usa - 04:40:35 Thursday 25 February 1999
What I have seen so far is great. Thanks

Margaret Ladolcetta <Email address not supplied>
Livingston, New Jersey, USAW - 14:15:47 Wednesday 24 February 1999
Love the site and all the information on Paul Gross - thank you - keep up the good work!! I have long been a Paul Gross fan. I looked for anything he was involved in since Aspen Extreme.

Donna Scheler <>
Louisville, Kentucky, USA - 18:59:56 Tuesday 23 February 1999
I would like to say to the people that have done this web-site that you did a good job on all of it. I was wondering how you got all that info.

Jessi <>
Roanoke, Virginia, US - 23:52:23 Sunday 21 February 1999

All of the information on this website has been contributed by writers who have researched publicly available sources such as media interviews, newspaper/magazine articles and, in some cases, their public library!

Isn't it a shame to come upon something after the fact? I never watched Due South when it was on prime time here in the states, only started to catch it on TNT. Paul Gross is a talented and truly funny man, just not sure what category of 'funny' to put him in..*G* Hope to hear more about and from him in the future.
Sheeghna <>
Texas, USA - 03:06:58 Sunday 21 February 1999
I yust want to say that i like the webpages very much. Expeccialy the ones about Paul Gross. Thank you for all the information en nice pictures. I hope there will come more of them.

Ingrid Gaasendam <>
Assen, Drenthe, Holland - 18:54:10 Saturday 20 February 1999
I just recently discoverd Due South, (thank you TNT!) and the marvellous Paul Gross. He's a true renaissance man. Actor, singer, songwriter, playwrite, writer extrodinaire. I hope to find more of PG's projects although that isn't easy here in the US. You lucky Canadians!

Mimi <>
New Mexico, USA - 23:36:37 Friday 19 February 1999
This is a most impressive and informative site. Congratulations and thank you :>>

Nia Jones <>
Bourton, Oxfordshire, UK - 22:23:36 Friday 19 February 1999
Thank you for your wonderful site. I enjoyed reading all about PG. Wish the US could get some of his movies and TV projects.

Lela Jackson <>
Pittston, Maine, USA - 02:48:41 Thursday 18 February 1999
Love Due South

Kathy Vetro <>
Southampton, New Jersey, USA - 00:31:26 Thursday 18 February 1999
Really enjoyed this website.dueSouth is my favorite tv show! Hated to see it end!

Dawn <>
Machiasport, ME, USA - 19:10:33 Monday 15 February 1999
Due South is my favorite television show and I was sadened to see it end. Thank you Mr. Gross for a good family show.

Raymond M Beauregard <>
Orlando, Florida, USA - 22:28:52 Sunday 14 February 1999
This site is GREAT!! Very thorough, up to date.

Joanna <>
Shelbyville , IN, US - 20:28:56 Sunday 14 February 1999
This site just keeps getting better the comedy page is a great addition to a already wonderful site. This is a must see for any serious Paul Gross fan.

Noel Bell <>
Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. - 16:54:29 Sunday 14 February 1999
I enjoyed reading this web page. I like the way it was set up. It was very comprehensive and I especially liked the color photographs. He's a very talented guy! Hope to read more about him.

Janet <>
Naperville, Illinois, USA - 06:30:30 Sunday 14 February 1999
As a fan of Paul Gross, was thrilled to find PG-L.  Please note though, that it is very difficult to read the blue on black

Joanna Sheek <>
Shelbyville, Indiana, US - 02:17:07 Saturday 13 February 1999

There has been a problem affecting some AOL users, but we hope we have now put it right.

I have enjoyed this web-site. The information on Paul Gross has been insightful. I only wish that he would appear in more television shows or movies in the US. At least I can watch Due South in syndication.
Linda Stacy <>
Jacksonville, Florida, USA - 22:30:48 Friday 12 February 1999
Let's talk about South, eh? We really need some of the Due South style civility and ethical compass here on the ice. What a concept for a teleplay, eh now? Thank you kindly for a fun diversion. Keep up the great work.

One of the Frozen Chosen <Email address not supplied>
Summer Field Camp, Ross Dependency, Antarctica - 19:07:06 Wednesday 10 February 1999
Enjoyed the website, can't understand why Two Houses isn't available in the US, or does not seem to be but thanks for the information.

Jean McKitrick <>
Tucson, Arizona, United States - 15:02:57 Monday 08 February 1999
I love the new Comedy Page - terrific! (If Angela needs any help with her research into whether or not PG is ticklish I am willing to volunteer!!!)

Margot <Email address not supplied>
England - 15:26:21 Sunday 07 February 1999
We loved the picture of Paul on the horse, he really fits the romantic idea of an Amercian Cowboy.

Michelle and Jessica <>
Westminster , Maryland, United States - 20:44:03 Wednesday 03 February 1999
I am so glad to see this page. Paul is a magnificent man, and I hope to see more of him down here in the states.

Kirsten <>
Gresham, Oregon, USA - 16:43:09 Wednesday 03 February 1999
I really love this page! It is so gr-8 and I learned a lot that I didn't know about Paul Gross. Keep it up!

Zoanne the Dragon <>
Nephi, Utah, USA - 04:43:45 Wednesday 03 February 1999
Great page! I learned a lot about Paul that I didn't know but one thing, when is he releasing his CD in Australia?

Stacey Anderson <>
Perth, Western Australia, Australia - 10:38:42 Sunday 31 January 1999
What a great picture!! I have just discovered Paul Gross and am thrilled to see he's more than just a gorgeous face. I would like to know a little more about the it available in the states? I've bookmarked y'all. Take care

christine helms <>
charleston, sc, usa - 22:45:17 Sunday 24 January 1999
You have a great web site (PG-L) keep up the great work.

Sharon E. Robinson <>
North York, Ontario, Canada - 17:24:36 Sunday 24 January 1999
I have really enjoyed looking at this website. I have never looked up an actor or actress before but Paul Gross is really an outstanding actor. He brings a depth of feeling to a character you don't often see.

Michelle Thompson <>
Newport, North Carolina, USA - 03:48:28 Saturday 23 January 1999
It is great! It would be good to have more photo's, maybe a photo page!

Stephanie <>
Sydney, N.S.W, Australia - 03:25:10 Thursday 21 January 1999
I enjoy due south so much I wish the USA would show more Paul Gross work.

dorothy mac <Email address not supplied>
san mateo, california, usa - 03:55:12 Wednesday 20 January 1999
Your website is very informative, however, I found it very hard to read the text that appeared over the 'film'. I'd love to read more about Paul Gross, who I wonderful, but it's a little too difficult to see. Is there something I can do?

Ruth Biermann <>
South Brunswick, New Jersey, USA - 19:30:21 Friday 15 January 1999

Please contact the site owner with more details! The address is on the PG-L main page (to which there's a link at the foot of this page).

I found this web site to helpful in researching public opinion, and details about Mr. Gross. Cordially yours,
Tonja Irene O'neil < Email address not supplied>
Bend, Oregon, United States of America - 00:26:24 Friday 15 January 1999
The best site I've seen. Great job

noel bell <Email address not supplied>
cincinnati, ohio, usa - 17:28:37 Thursday 14 January 1999
This is a great site, I didnt know Paul Gross is almost 40 years old! It's a dissapointment to reed he's married, but well, i'm way to young anyway! So, keep up the good work! Due South = so cool! Bye, bye...

Inge Katuin <>
Groningen, groningen, Netherlands - 11:31:12 Thursday 14 January 1999
I really liked this website. I think you should put in a 'Paul Gross Photo Album', with baby pictures, too.

Justina <Email address not supplied>
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada - 01:58:16 Thursday 14 January 1999
I think that Paul Gross is a brilliant actor and that we should have more films and stuff with him in it. Oh, and Due South is excellent.

Jackie Brown <>
Fife, Scotland - 14:58:28 Tuesday 12 January 1999
Great site. I didn't know Paul Gross is such an allround butterfly. And the most amazing thing: one of my best friends is more or less a Paul Gross look alike, but he didn't realise, because he never had heard about Due South or Paul Gross. Is't this world amazing???? I recommended him not to go to Canada for his holiday, because I can imagine it will be a hard time withstanding people asking for a autograph

Dimitri Helleman <>
Leiden, Zuid Holland, Netherlands - 21:16:46 Monday 11 January 1999
Hi, from a family missing DUE SOUTH and its wholesome messages.

The Bonenfant Family <>
Lee, New Hampshire, USA - 23:01:18 Sunday 10 January 1999
I think Paul is the best, in the Netherlands is Deu South een big hit.

Bibiana De Vos <>
Holland, Zuid-Holland, Rijswijk - 21:28:18 Saturday 09 January 1999
I think Paul Gross can act very well, but I didn't know that he is a singer too! He can do that also pretty good! But I hope he will keep on acting, I like to see him in some new movies soon! Lien

Alien Jansen <>
Nope, Haluluel, somewhereearth - 13:40:18 Thursday 07 January 1999
At last a page for Paul Gross

Alison <>
Newmarket, Suffolk, UK - 15:49:48 Monday 04 January 1999
Nice site. Lots of info. Thanks !

Jennifer Brown <>
Greenville, SC, U.S.A - 23:16:04 Sunday 03 January 1999
I really love this page! Answered alot a questions I often wondered about... :)  Paul Gross is my eyes is an excellent actor and singer, he deserves all the Good life has to offer.

Regina Kalasz <>
Taylor, Michigan, USA - 19:20:02 Sunday 03 January 1999

I'm here for a second read, with more time, keep this place actualized please, for some one like me living so far from Canada the Internet is the rigth way for get information about what Gross and Keeley are doing. Thanks. ps/ I change my email address. 
Melba Maria Salcedo Maspons <
Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador - 17:52:35 Wednesday 30 December 1998 
nice website! It contains a lot of new information and looks good and is a joy to read! 

marly swuste <
amsterdam, the netherlands - 22:57:10 Monday 28 December 1998
It is a very nice page and I will check it every month!

Ursela Anten <>
Enschede, Netherlands/Overijssel, Netherlands - 12:51:20 Monday 28 December 1998 
loved your site, I will visit it again another time. A happy new year. 

Rita van Gorcum <
Almere, Flevoland, Netherlands - 20:03:30 Thursday 24 December 1998 
I think You have a wonderfull page about paul gross. Due South is a hit in holland. Just go on. You do it great!!!!

kim struijs <
zwijndrecht, zuid holland, the netherlands - 22:17:53 Wednesday 23 December 1998 

Rachael Hamilton <
Kansas City, Mo 64134, USA - 01:35:02 Wednesday 23 December 1998 
Hi - what a great site.  It is one of the more original Paul Gross sites because it is about Paul and not DueSouth.  We in the UK had series 3 of DueSouth ripped from under our noses when the BBC showed the first few episodes and then removed it from our screens - it still has not returned.  I can't even get the Two Houses CD in the UK at the moment - noone seems to stock it!  I was so pleased to find such a brilliant website and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.  Keep up the good work and I will be back soon to check for news and updates.  Merry Christmas to you and everyone else involved in the site. 

Linda <
Reading, Berkshire, UK - 14:47:13 Monday 21 December 1998 
I really enjoy watching Due South. I will sign up to be on the mailing list when it becomes available after Christmas.  I would like to know if you would please send me a autograph picture. 

Jean Redmon <
Palm Desert, California, usa - 01:54:43 Saturday 19 December 1998 

Sorry, we don't do pictures but you can find Paul Gross's mailing address on the FAQ page!

Great site with a lot of good info.  I am a huge Due South and Paul Gross fan - Thanks 
Louis DeDominicis <> Telford, PA, USA - 23:40:20 Friday 18 December 1998 
This is the Page were at last I found some extra information about David Keeley. Sorry, Paul. Any way BOTH OF THIS BOYS make me say OH CANADA. And Thank You Kindly to the Home Page Writer.  Sincerily, A Cuban girl 

Melba Maria Salcedo Maspons <
Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador - 19:46:07 Thursday 17 December 1998 
gorgeous! photo of Paul. When can we have it as a wall paper and/or screensaver! Adonis, that's how I would decribe PG. Great site. Thank you, kindly. 

Lela E. Jackson <Email address not supplied> 
Pittston, Maine, USA - 01:51:56 Thursday 17 December 1998 
I'm a huge fan of Mr. Paul Gross, and am so pleased to see such wonderful sites like this one. Please continue to up date this site as PG's career and any news of the return of due south. 

Ginger Ann <Email address not supplied> 
Dyersburg, TN, USA - 22:50:20 Monday 14 December 1998 

debbie price <
york, north yorkshire, united kingdom - 00:04:59 Monday 14 December 1998 

Fiona <
Billericay, Essex, England - 19:27:31 Saturday 12 December 1998
Glad to know there is PG-L. Hope to hear after the holidays that membership is open again as I want to join. Thank You Kindly. 

Carol Westin <
Pittsford, Vermont, USA - 01:48:35 Friday 11 December 1998 
I think the PG-L page is great!!:) 

Dagmar Dullaart <
's-Gravenzande, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands - 13:48:47 Sunday 06 December 1998 
Good interesting site, thanks. Good to see there's a lot more to Paul Gross than Due South. The war movie sounds promising. 

Peter Ludwinski <Email address not supplied> 
Leland, Iowa, USA - 08:59:44 Sunday 06 December 1998 
I'm so happy that there is a website devoted to that cute Canadian actor, Paul Gross.  I like the things that I'v read about him. My only complaint is that there is no picture gallery on this site. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work. 

Andrea Patrick <
Brooklyn, New York, United States - 19:51:25 Monday 30 November 1998 
What is the address of Paul Gross's fan club???? 

Angela Blakemore <Email address not supplied> 
Coventry, West Midlands, ENGLAND - 15:50:32 Monday 30 November 1998 

You will find a link to "Benton's Scrapbook" on the FAQ page

Great pictures. Glad there is a place to keep posted on prsent and future works. 
Anna King <
Liberty, SC, USA - 04:38:24 Sunday 29 November 1998 
Well TYK for all the hard work.  It's turned out to be a super site ;)) 

Andy Richards <
Huddersfield, England - 23:36:04 Friday 27 November 1998 

Your page was very enlightening! I enjoyed the biographical information on Paul Gross, one of Canada's most talented actors! THanks for the wonderful page. 
Leslee Webb <
Bismarck, North Dakota, USA - 16:57:55 Wednesday 25 November 1998 
This is an absolutely wonderful site! It's very informative and not at all drooly (ahem, okay, mine is a bit drooly).  Thank you for starting your list and putting this website together. There is alot on here that I didn't know before. I'll be checking back to see what you've added to it. 

Lillian Feden <
Chicago, IL, USA - 21:13:13 Saturday 21 November 1998 

To visit Lillian's "Paul Gross Projects" page: 

Brilliant Web site. Nice to know there's loads of PG fans out there. 
Chloe <
Halifax, Yorkshire, UK - 19:43:58 Saturday 21 November 1998 
Delightful site. I devoured it completely...every dot and syllable. Fabulous photos, btw!! Thank you every so kindly! 

Sandi <
Camano Island, Island County, Washington, USA - 08:46:25 Tuesday 17 November 1998 
Impressive site- well written, informative, entertaining. Did I miss the explanation of PG-L? TYK 

Jean Williams <
Houston, Texas, USA - 05:24:09 Tuesday 17 November 1998 

The PG-L is the name of the Paul Gross mailing list - follow the link at the foot of this page! 

Hi you ! I really have to thank you for the PG-L website, because here in sweet little Austria it is absolute impossible to find out something about PG. And by the way : You have done a real good job with this website (graphics, informations,style, and so on...) !!!! 
Dana Proetsch <
Vienna, Austria - 22:42:21 Thursday 12 November 1998 
Love this site. I am so new at this that it was a real pleasure to see I could find a site of beauty among the confusion of things! 

Suzanne Newell <
Fairless Hills, Bucks Pennsylvania, USA - 19:52:34 Wednesday 11 November 1998 
Great site. Keep it coming. 

Cheryl Dodson <
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - 05:13:09 Sunday 08 November 1998 
I've only looked at the 'front page' so far, and it looks great (nice piccie of PG - what a hunk!!!). I'll have a further delve into the site before making any more comments. 

Ann Ruckert <
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - 13:52:00 Friday 06 November 1998 
This is terrific - lots of information and some great photos. Thanks. 

Margot <Email address not supplied> 
Hawkhurst, Kent, England - 18:41:20 Wednesday 04 November 1998 
I'm glad to see a web site just for Paul. It looks nice. What are the possibilities of putting on this web site lots and lots of pictures of him that are scattered all over the web? It would be nice to have them all in one place! Thanks for all your hard work. 

Eva <
Lansing, MI, USA - 20:52:50 Monday 02 November 1998
What a wonderful site! I am so impressed. Well done. I run a fan club in Australia called 'due South Australia'. It is an unofficial club run by fans for fans. If anyone would like information then please feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you. I absolutely adore Two Houses and I am hoping that Paul and David Keeley come and visit us down under soon.  Thank you kindly for a wonderful site. 

Eileen McLean <
Caboolture, Queensland, Australia - 16:09:53 Monday 02 November 1998 
Great photo choice!! 

Barbara Schulz <
Nashville, TN, USA - 15:45:01 Monday 02 November 1998 
I like it a lot. Especially the picture and the FAQ. 

Liana M. Sutton <
Orlando, FL, USA - 11:54:46 Monday 02 November 1998 
Wow, great site. That picture of PG is something to make the heart race, isn't it? :-) I'm already on the PG-L list and I must say I'm glad it's here! I'll be checking this page on a regular basis. Great stuff! 

Nanda Beenen <
Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 11:15:43 Monday 02 November 1998 
Love the website:) 

Jen Mawhinney <
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada - 16:07:21 Sunday 01 November 1998 
Fantastic website! Very nicely set up and I love that opening picture If I wasn't already on far too many mailing lists I'd sign up with you! Congrats on a greta page :) 

Tenille <
Perth, W.A., Australia - 14:29:54 Sunday 01 November 1998 
Kudos to the hostess with the mostest, Monika Krzizala! :)  Nice stuff Moni! And great topic! :) 

Lindsay Moore <
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - 13:41:25 Sunday 01 November 1998 
Wow! Excellent site. Well done to everyone involved. It's about time we had a decent Paul Gross website!  :o) 

Anne Stacey <
Poole, Dorset, England - 12:59:35 Sunday 01 November 1998 
Well done!! 

Jean Tryon <
Portland, Oregon, USA - 21:32:15 Saturday 31 October 1998 
Congrats on a great site....I hope to see more of this site soon!

Susan <
katy, texas, usa - 20:38:18 Saturday 31 October 1998 
Congratulations!! You have done an *excellent* job putting together this Paul Gross Website! I hope that in the future you are able to enlighten us further about this multi-faceted actor, producer, writer, mucian, and family man. 

Angela Rivieccio <
No town/city, No county/state, USA - 18:01:07 Saturday 31 October 1998 
Hey, what a great site - thank you kindly! 

Tracey Kelly <
Haywards Heath, Sussex, England - 14:52:16 Saturday 31 October 1998 
Excellent website!!  Well done.... 

Mary Halbert <
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - 13:58:39 Saturday 31 October 1998 
What can I say - love it!!!!! 

Helen Copsey <
Chelmsford, Essex, Great Britain - 13:51:47 Saturday 31 October 1998 
great site from what i have seen so far.i haven't looked at it all but i will soon. 

brian meenan <
london, tottenham, uk - 13:31:53 Saturday 31 October 1998 
Great site - haven't had much time to see it all yet, but I will be back! 

Caroline Mockett <
Ingatestone, Essex, England - 11:47:32 Saturday 31 October 1998 
Nice, nice job. I clicked in here from the Due South newsgroup and spent forever reading it all and checking out all the pics. Well done! 

Leslie Richter <
Lancaster, New Hampshire, USA - 11:33:23 Saturday 31 October 1998 
Very nice everyone - the little pics made me laugh! I shall visit again. Keep up the hard work!!

Lezley <
Coulsdon, Surrey, UK - 10:32:13 Saturday 31 October 1998 
Finally! PG fans have been waiting!!! Thank you VERY kindly for this site! :D 

Jaynee Hepworth <
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - 04:42:47 Saturday 31 October 1998 
What a great start! Clean lines, well written, great graphics -- and you couldn't have selected a better subject... ;)  Best, 

Pam Gillespie <
San Diego, CA, USA - 04:02:38 Saturday 31 October 1998 
It's nice to see some new pics! The site looks great 

Dana <
Raleigh, NC, USA - 03:09:45 Saturday 31 October 1998 
Wow! Great to get yet another site dedicated to the fine specimen of manhood that is Paul Gross! Thabks for that little bit of extra info about the man imself and can't wait to see any new edition (ie Comedy Page) you make.  Ciao for now... 

Catherine D. <
Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA - 02:39:55 Saturday 31 October 1998 
I have been a fan of Paul and Due South ever since it ran on CBS in the States.  I hope they follow through with Due South movies that Paul mentioned at the recent auction. 

Steve Shattuck <
Charlotte, NC, USA - 01:58:35 Saturday 31 October 1998 

Wicked awesome job!! You guys done great!!  Absolutely love the pic on the main page. 
Linda <> 
Boston, Massachusetts, USA - 01:10:50 Saturday 31 October 1998