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28th October 2000
News from the stage door at Stratford - the new Gross and Keeley album is very nearly complete and Paul and David hope to have it ready by Christmas, following a trip to Nashville to finish the dubbing.  Source: S Clemens

Gross-ed Out, the previously postponed Outfront feature by Katie Andrews, will air on 30th October on CBC Radio One (live webcast) at 11.45 am ET.

22nd October 2000
Paul will be presenting an award at the Geminis on 30th October.  Tune in at 8 pm on CBC.

7th October 2000
The CBC website has details of a radio piece, Gross-ed Out, about a freelance reporter who travels from Regina to Stratford to see Hamlet.  This was due to air as part of Outfront on 3rd October but was pre-empted following the death of Pierre Trudeau and is now set for broadcast "later this month".  The website also contains a RealPlayer clip from HamletM Vrzoc

Paul Gross signs the RCMP quiltA stunning collection of handmade quilts donated to The Quilt: A Celebration of Survivors is now on display at Casa Loma in Toronto until 31st October, following a three-month showing in Stratford.  The exhibition includes special "celebrity" quilts including an RCMP Quilt autographed by Paul Gross.  Funds raised by the project go to the Canadian Cancer Society in aid of breast cancer research and support programs. All quilts will be auctioned off on 18th November at the Stratford Festival Theatre. Make advance bids by visiting Casa Loma or on-line at

The Quilt Exhibit is included with the public's admission to Casa Loma - $10 adults, $6.50 Seniors/Youth, $6.00 children. Hours 9.30 am to 4.00 pm daily.  Canada NewsWire

4th October 2000
Murder, Most Likely will be reshown on TNT on 17th and 18th OctoberSource: Chatelaine online discussion

The Tourism Stratford Special Events Calendar of Events 2000 lists the following information:

Sunday 29th October UNITED WAY GALA  8pm

"Join us for an exciting evening of entertainment featuring Paul Gross and David Keeley with their band and special guests, vocalist Barbara Fulton with pianist Paul Shilton.  Location: The Paul D. Fleck Marquee, Festival Theatre.  $30/Adults
Tickets available at the United Way Office - 519-271-7730
240 Wellington (near Cambria), Stratford.  Tickets are limited, seating is not reserved."  Source: S Clemens

21st September 2000
CTV will be reshowing Murder, Most Likely on Saturday 30th September at 9 pm ET Source: M Vrzoc

20th September 2000
Murder, Most Likely has been nominated for five Geminis, including Paul's nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series.  Source: J Allen

14th September 2000
The planned CTV series SteelString, in which Paul was to have starred, has been cancelled.  Paul is keen to start work on Men With Brooms after Hamlet, and during yesterday's online discussion, he explained that the cancellation of SteelString was mostly to do with the timing of events.

13th September 2000
If you'd like to express your interest in a possible filmed version of the Stratford production of Hamlet, please click here.

8th September 2000
The companion website to Chatelaine magazine will be hosting a moderated live online discussion with Paul Gross on Wednesday 13th September from 12 pm to 2 pm ETHe will be visiting their Special Guest forum and starting at noon, fans will be able to go to to post questions or comments for Paul to read and/or answer. Discussion forum now closed  Source: (Online Editor)

7th September 2000
More from Badlands Books - Paul's mum has added two MP3 files of songs from Paul's 1985 rock musical Thunder, Perfect Mind to her page at - Salome Bey as the Angel of Mercy singing the title track (1 MB), and Paul singing Take 'Em Home (1.5 MB).

6th September 2000
Badlands Books, run by Paul's parents, plans to start publishing the plays Paul wrote in the 1980s - The Deer and the Antelope Play (Clifford E Lee award), Dead of Winter (Toronto Free Theatre) and Sprung Rhythm (National Arts Centre in Ottawa).  In addition, the only remaining copies of the original issue of the Two Houses CD, all autographed by Paul Gross and David Keeley, are available through Badlands Books for $16.

17th August 2000
CTV recently showed The Remittance Men, narrated by Paul Gross and available on home video from Magic Lantern.  If you order a copy by phone for home use it costs $29.95 which includes shipping and taxes, but only in Canada.  They can be reached at 800-263-1717 (Ontario and East), or 800-263-1818 (West of Ontario).  Magic Lantern accept cheques or you can use Visa or Mastercard. 

"A century ago upper-class British families found Canada a convenient depository for younger sons who did not pursue the socially acceptable careers of army or church.  Educated in the classics they seldom had the skills needed to support themselves, and, because of allowances sent to them by their families, became known as the 'remittance men'.  With their allowance they lived a sporting life, riding, fishing, hunting and forming cricket or polo teams.  They brought culture to a rough frontier and a love of fun, good company and sport, which seemed frivolous to more somber settlers.  For many of them it was a rough but idyllic life.  For others it became a tiresome existence in exile.  In 1914 the remittance men answered the call to arms in droves.  Here at last was a chance for redemption or at least for one last great adventure - an adventure from which few would return. Produced by Second Son Productions Inc."  Source: L Feden

The dirty t-shirtPaul has donated one of his "dirty" t-shirts for auction.  The story behind the auction is on the website of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record (Link expired) PG-L mailing list

Due South returns to Showcase (Canada) on Monday 28th August.  Source Due South mailing list

14th August 2000
The Sci Fi channel in the US will show Mars is Heaven on Wednesday 16th August at 10 am ET.  This 30 minute episode of the Ray Bradbury Theater stars Hal Linden and Paul Gross.  Source: C Simmons

6th August 2000
Oedipus Rex video coverNews from CBC Audience Relations: Oedipus Unmasked, a behind-the-scenes documentary narrated by Paul, will be shown on CBC TV from 7 pm - 8 pm on Thursday 7th September.  This is a 1998 production and the video is also on sale in the Stratford Festival theatre store where it is described as follows:

"Oedipus Unmasked goes behind the scenes of a rare theatrical event as more than 40 actors and dozens of artisans create the spectacular 1997 Stratford Festival production of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex.  Footage from the 1956 film version of Tyrone Guthrie's Oedipus Rex and interviews with cast and crew members illuminate differences and similarities in staging the resonant 2,000-year-old drama.  Written and directed by Harvey Crossland.  Produced by Mark Hammond.  Narrated by Paul Gross.  Running time: 52 minutes.  Colour 1998.  NTSC format (Canada & US only).  Price: $23.95"

2nd August 2000
Videoflicks are advertising an NTSC three-part Due South Giftset, priced at $US 29.99 and becoming available on 19th September, to include The Pilot, Mountie on the Bounty and Call of the Wild.

They have also announced: "We're seeking to gain the rights for distribution of a Paul Gross film called Paint Cans Canada [sic], a romance about arthouse film. To sway the studio, we need as much support as possible, so please go to to get a fuller description of the film, and if it's something you think you'd like to buy, please enter your email address in the place provided. If we do obtain the rights, we'll then notify you to give you the opportunity to purchase."  Paul has a small role as Morton Ridgewell in this 1994 black comedy.  Source: N Blizzard, N Dickson, G Huhnholdt

31st July 2000
Due South is returning to TNT's schedules from 5th September, starting with the Pilot episode.  It will air Monday to Friday 3 pm to 4 pm ETSource D Huffaker

27th July 2000
According to the Gross and Keeley website Ride Forever has been released as a single in Canada.  You can request a showing of the video on TV at the CMT Canada website.

7th July 2000
We will be posting a full transcript of last night's AOL chat with Paul in due course, but for now here are some selected highlights:
  • Paul started writing when he was barely out of diapers.  Acting came later.
  • Callum Keith Rennie has a spot in the forthcoming Men With Brooms and is already practising his curling.
  • Paul's dad, who runs Badlands Books, hopes to publish Paul's early plays.
  • Paul is a fan of F-1 racing.
  • Recording of Paul and David's new CD should be completed by August.
  • Paul would be glad to hear from anyone with an interest in developing a World War One screenplay and $40 million to spare.

1st July 2000
Good news for those who can't take part in the AOL chat on 6th July - AOL have kindly given us permission to post a transcript to this website as soon as one becomes available.

26th June 2000
Paul's one-hour AOL chat will be going ahead as planned at 9 pm ET on 6th July and will be accessible to AOL members (full account holders) worldwide.  Go to the keyword box and type in "Paul Gross".  Source: AOL Canada

Paint Cans, a black comedy about the Canadian film industry in which Paul has a small but interesting role, will air on Showcase (Canada) on Saturday 1st July at 7.35 pm.

And Paul will be Vicki Gabereau's guest (probably a repeat) on Monday 3rd July at 10am ET on CTV.  Source: M Vrzoc

24th June 2000
Tonight's UK TV listings show Mars Is Heaven (Ray Bradbury Theatre), starring Paul, on the Sci-Fi channel at 2.30 am British Summer Time (1.30 am GMT).

14th June 2000
Paul will be taking part in an online AOL Canada chat at 9 pm ET on 6th July.  It is not yet confirmed whether this chat will be accessible to all AOL users or only to those in Canada.  Source: AOL Canada

The 19th June edition of Maclean's contains an interview with Paul and a review (not available online) of the Stratford Festival.

10th June 2000
The July edition of Chatelaine magazine (Canada) has a brief Q and A with Paul.  The online version, however, features a more extensive interview with him and the chance to win tickets for Hamlet.

9th June 2000
Paul will be talking about Hamlet on Star TV (Canada) at 9 pm ET on 11th June.

Showcase (Canada) will be showing Soul Custody,an episode of Street Legal in which Paul guest stars, at 9 am ET on 22nd June.  Look out too for the follow-up episode Film Noir in which Paul also appears.  Source: PG-L mailing list

8th June 2000
An article in today's Edmonton Sun indicates that the Whizbang Films production SteelString, starring Paul Gross, will air on CTV in late 2001.  Source: PG-L mailing list

31st May 2000
TNT (US) will re-air Murder, Most Likely at 10.30 pm on 7th June and 1 pm on 8th June.  You are advised to confirm this at the TNT website.

30th May 2000
Go to our links page to find online reviews of Hamlet!  Also to our reviews section to find PG-L reviews.

24th May 2000
Star TV will be featuring Paul Gross, probably on Sunday 28th at 7 pm (but possibly on 25th - both dates were mentioned).  Source: PGEB

Paul will also appear on Pamela Wallin's show on 29th (repeat).  Source: The WolfWalker

Ordering details and a picture of the recent Vines magazine featuring an interview with Paul can be seen at

17th May 2000
E! Now will air a piece on Hamlet this Saturday, the 20th.  The show is likely be on at 3 pm instead of the usual 5.30 pm because of the NBA playoffs.

16th May 2000
Today's (Tuesday's) Toronto Star says that Paul will be on Open Mike tonight at 10 pm on Comedy and 12.05 am on CTV.  The Open Mike website, however, still lists him as appearing tomorrow night.

Unfortunately the live webcast on tomorrow's Humble and Fred show on Edge 102 has been postponed due to Hamlet rehearsals.  But there is some good news - Paul will be appearing on CBC's On The Arts at 10.30 pm on 26th May - repeated on 27th and 28th (check website for timings).  The producers tell us there is a good chance that Paul's section of the programme will make it to their online video gallery.  It will be possible to order transcripts and VHS video copies from Bowden's by calling 1 800 363 1281 (from within North America), giving details of date and episode (26, 27, 28 May 2000, episode 09-37) - but only after the show has aired.  From overseas the number to call is (416) 750 4676.

14th May 2000
The current Toronto Life cover featuring Paul Gross can be seen at  Source: Alicia

9th May 2000
 Paul has some pre-Hamlet appearances coming up!

17th May - LIVE WEBCAST at 8 am (ET) on the Humble and Fred radio show at Edge 102 - postponed

17th May - Open Mike with Mike Bullard on CTV

18th May - Bynon Show

20th or 27th May - LIVE WEBCAST between 1-5 pm (ET) Definitely not the opera, CBC radio

Star TV and E! Now are also covering Hamlet

More precise details will be posted as we get them.

3rd May 2000
We have been asked to pass on the news that the official Paul Gross fan club, land-based in the UK, is soon to close down and is therefore no longer taking on new members.  Sadly, the small membership base could not provide the funding necessary to support the desired level of service. Source: Heather Sellors 

2nd May 2000
Bravo (US) has announced that it will rebroadcast Tales of the City, starring Paul Gross as Brian Hawkins, on 18th, 19th and 20th June at 8 pm and 11 pm ET.  Source: D Huffaker and C Simmons

25th April 2000
Paul is pictured on the cover of the April/May 2000 issue of Vines magazine which contains an article based on an interview he gave in Stratford.  If you have a credit card, you can obtain a copy of the magazine by phoning 905-682-4509 (Canadians can call 1-888-883-3372).  Source: PG-L mailing list

See entry for 24th May above

20th April 2000
US residents who wish to obtain a copy of May's Toronto Life should send a request letter with a cheque for $8.40 US ($4.25 + $4.15 postage) to:
Toronto Life Magazine
Attn: Lori McNeil
59 Front St E
Toronto, Ont
M5E 1B3
Europeans may also use this address to place an order, but their cheque or money order should be for a total of $14.70 Cdn.

17th April 2000
The venue of the 24 hour screening of Hamlet films on 22nd/23rd April, to be introduced by Paul Gross, has been changed to the National Film Board John Spotton Cinema.  Source: Harbourfront Centre

16th April 2000
The May issue of Toronto Life, featuring a picture of Paul on the cover, will contain an article by Cynthia Brouse on the subject of Due South/Paul Gross fandom.  The magazine should appear on Toronto newsstands around 24th April but is hard to find outside Toronto.  To obtain a copy, contact Lori Malone-McNeil in Toronto at (416) 364-3333 ext 103, or at See entry for 20th April above.

Canadians should look out, too, for a two-page spread on Hamlet in the National Post in the near future. Source: PG-L mailing list

1st April 2000
We haven't gone anywhere . . . there just isn't much news at the moment while Paul is immersed in rehearsals for Hamlet at Stratford.  However, for those in the US, TNT will re-air Murder, Most Likely on 7th June at 10.30 pm (ET) and on 8th June at 1 pm. Source: TNT

18th February 2000
TNT has confirmed by telephone that Murder, Most Likely will air in the US on 22nd March at 8 pm and 12 am. Source: "Anna" and C Foreman

17th February 2000
It's Shakespeare's birthday on 23rd April, and at 7 pm on 22nd April Paul Gross will be introducing a celebratory 24 hour screening of back-to-back Hamlet films for the du Maurier World Stage in Toronto.  More information can be obtained from the Harbourfront Centre website.

See entry for 17th April above.

16th February 2000
Following on from The Battle of Vimy Ridge, the final two videos of the Far From Home series narrated by Paul are now available on the National Film Board of Canada website.  Videos of The Last 100 Days and Sam's Army are priced at $19.95 each.  Source: L Feden

Aspen Extreme has at last been released in VHS PAL, the format suitable for the UK, most of Europe, Australia, South Africa etc.  In the UK, Blackstar are selling the video at £4.99, postage free worldwide.  Source: M Sykes

4th February 2000
A CTV press release announces that Paul Gross is to produce and star in SteelString, the story of a washed-up rock star turned private investigator.  CTV has ordered 13 one-hour episodes of SteelString from Whizbang Films, the Toronto-based production company headed up by Paul and fellow Due South producers Bob Carney (writer and creator of SteelString) and Frank Siracusa.  The series could air in early 2001.

29th January 2000
For my voice I have lost it with hollaing, and singing of anthems . . . Unfortunately, Paul will be unable to attend the Genie Awards as scheduled tomorrow night, because he has flu.Source:PG-L mailing list

23rd January 2000
Paul and  David appeared at Farm Aid 2000, a Canadian farmers' benefit at the Air Canada Centre, Toronto, on 16th January.  They sang Ride Forever and Papa's Front Porch, backed by Jack Lenz and Asher Horowitz.

Special Assignment: Behind the scenes at Farm Aid 2000 will be showing on CPAC on Monday 24th January at 1 pm EST (repeated at 11 pm).  Paul appears in the last few minutes of the hour-long programme.  Check the CPAC website for local listings.  Source: newsgroup

20th January 2000
Paul is scheduled to be a presenter at the Genie Awards, airing on CBC, on Sunday 30th January.  Source: PG-L mailing list

See entry above for 29th January

16th January 2000
The Stratford Festival is now accepting bookings from the general public for the 2000 season during which Paul Gross will be playing Hamlet at the Festival Theatre.  He is also listed as appearing in the title role of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray in a dramatised reading at the Avon Theatre on 18th August at 2 pm.  Box office: 1-800-567-1600 or email

An estimated 1.2 million people watchedMurder Most Likely on CTV on 28th November.  Source: Ottawa Citizen

22nd December 1999
A phone call to TNT yesterday revealed that Murder, Most Likely will air in the US in March.  Source: TNT and D Huffaker

17th December 1999
News for US viewers - Tales of the City, in which Paul Gross plays Brian Hawkins, will be airing on Bravo at 8 pm and 11 pm from 27th-29th December (ET). Source: Bravo

Ratings show that Murder, Most Likely was one of CBC's/CTV's 20 most watched shows in the week of 22nd-28th November. Source: Nielsen Media Research

14th December 1999
CMT Canada has the video for Santa Drives A Pick-Up on their Christmas rotation.  Viewers can request it by going to - and as the playlist is posted daily, you can even check out what time to view.

11th December 1999
The December issue of Ski Canada, available from 22nd November, features an interview with Paul Gross and Martha Burns.  The magazine can be ordered within North America by phone on 888-666-9754 or worldwide by using a credit card and the email address on the Ski Canada websiteSource:  PG-L mailing list

9th December 1999
The Stratford Festival members' playbill lists Paul Gross as appearing in John Osborne's dramatised adaptation of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray on 18th and 25th August 2000.  However, although Stratford are accepting bookings for 18th, people attempting to book tickets for 25th have been informed that the performance has been cancelled.  Source: PG-L mailing list

8th December 1999
Canadian TV ratings show that Murder, Most Likely came top in its time slot on 28th November, beating The X Files, Men In Black and Citizen KaneSource: PG-L mailing list

Jack Lenz has personally confirmed that Paul Gross and David Keeley will start recording their new album in January. Source: D Pressland

6th December 1999
We have received the following information from Lenz Entertainment about Paul and David's enhanced Christmas single:

The enhanced single of Santa Drives A Pick-up includes

  • the video from Santa Drives A Pick-Up
  • a bonus video of 32 Down on the Robert Mackensie
  • bios of Paul, David and Santa
  • photos from the video shoot
  • vocal clips of Paul and David talking about each of the songs on the Two Houses  album. 
  • The enhanced CD can be played on a CD player for sound only or in the computer to see the visual effects.

    Ordering details are on the Gross and Keeley website.

    3rd December 1999
    We have been reliably informed that, despite two recent newspaper articles to the contrary, Paul will not be appearing in the forthcoming Lynne Stopkewich movie Suspicious River.

    29th November 1999
    Paul Gross and David Keeley are releasing an enhanced Christmas single of Santa Drives A Pickup.  The CD will contain interviews and two videos.  We will pass along ordering information as soon as we hear it.  Source: The Toronto Sun

    28th November 1999
    TNT have confirmed that they will, indeed, be airing Murder, Most Likely in the US in the year 2000.

    21st November 1999
    Yesterday's ENow! (CTV) indicated that an interview with Paul Gross will be shown on Saturday 27th November at 5.30 pm EST.  Source: newsgroup

    17th November 1999
    Canadians can look out for interviews with Paul on the following dates (times shown are for Ontario unless otherwise stated):
    22nd November - The Vicki Gabereau Show, Vancouver Television, 11 am (local time)  (Interview transcript)

    23rd November - Pamela Wallin Live, CBC Newsworld, 8 pm
    * We have been informed that the date of this show is now 25th November *  (Interview transcript)

    24th November - Bynon Show, Prime Network, 7 am and 6 pm

    25th November - Global at noon

    26th November - 680 News (Radio - Toronto) (time unknown)

    26th November - Canada AM, CTV, 8.50 am

    26th November - Open Mike with Mike Bullard, Comedy Channel at 10 pm; repeated on CTV at 12.05 am

    14th November 1999
    A recent article about Paul reveals that he may start cutting a second CD in January.  Source: Jam!

    9th November 1999
    Geminis news: thanks to the support of its internet-enabled fans, Due South won the coveted Chrysler's Canada's Choice Award at the 1999 Gemini Awards gala, along with the Gemini for "Best Visual Effects".   The winner in the category of "Best performance by an actor in a continuing leading dramatic role" was Michael Riley, for Power Play.  Source: S Boyd

    7th November 1999
    For anyone who came into the site through the back door and missed the announcement on the main page . . . go to our new Murder, Most Likely page to see photos from this forthcoming movie!

    2nd November 1999
    Paul will be presenting an award at the Geminis on 7th November - live TV coverage on CBC at 8 pm (EST).

    The Open Mike website shows Paul listed as Mike Bullard's guest on Friday 26th NovemberOpen Mike airs on the Comedy Network at 10 pm and later on CTV at 00.05 am

    27th October 1999
    Here's a chance for all fans of Due South to demonstrate their support and give the show the farewell it deserves! Due South has been nominated for this year's Chrysler's Canada's Choice Award and you can cast your vote for it at  Since this is the last time Due South will be eligible for such a prestigious award, this would be a very special one to win.  The votes will be counted on 5th November and the result announced at the Geminis on 7th November - don't delay!

    17th October 1999
    Paul Gross will be taking part in staged readings from "The Collected Works of Michael Ondaatje" at 3 pm on Sunday 24th October at the Jane Mallett Theatre in Toronto.  This fundraising event also features Paul Dunn, Richard McMillan, Nancy Palk, Tara Rosling and Brooke Johnson.  Tickets are priced at $40 (Cdn) and are available from the St Lawrence Centre box office at (416) 366-7723 or  (416) 367-8243.  Source: The Toronto Sun

    15th October 1999
    An Alliance Atlantis press release confirms that Murder Most Likely will air on CTV (Canada) on Sunday 28th November at 9 pm (ET).

    8th October 1999
    The US rights to Murder, Most Likely have been acquired by Turner Broadcasting Company, the parent of TNT. Source: W Schweiger and CTV

    7th October 1999
    Murder, Most Likely is now scheduled to air on 28th November at 9pm on CTV instead of 14th November as initially intended.

    Anybody who's interested in Canadiana might like to check out The Great Canadian Book of Lists which is available in Canadian book stores and from   Paul is mentioned in the book and is shown on the cover as Constable Fraser.  The publisher's details can be found at

    21st September 1999
    Paul has been nominated for a Gemini in the category 'Best performance by an actor in a continuing leading dramatic role' for his part in Call Of TheWild (part 2), the final episode of Due South.  The Gemini awards ceremony will be broadcast live on CBC (Canada) on 7th November at 8 pm (EST).

    And Paul Gross and Martha Burns will be taking part in a celebrity Pro-Am tennis tournament for charity this coming weekend at the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club.  Tickets (including club refreshments) are $50 per person per evening for both Friday and Saturday.  Call (416) 944-2088 for tickets and information.  Source: Sheila Boyd

    13th September 1999
    Murder, Most Likely... is the new title of the TV adaptation of Michael Harris's The Judas Kiss in which Paul Gross will play the role of ex-mountie Patrick Kelly.  The expected air date is still 14th November on CTV (Canada). Source: E Now! and M Halbert

    See entry for 7th October above

    12th September 1999
    Paul Gross will be interviewed on tonight's Emmy Awards preview at 7 pm on CTV (Canada).  Source: S Boyd

    2nd September 1999
    Prince of Denmark but no longer Earl of Gurney?  A Stratford news release concerning next year's Festival reveals that The Ruling Class, in which Paul Gross was to have played the 14th Earl of Gurney, has been replaced by Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest.

    14th August 1999
    The long-awaited Gross and Keeley Two Houses video is now available from Lenz Entertainment.  In addition to the songs we listed here on 26th March the video includes Paul and David's Canada Day performance of Ride Forever in Ottawa and footage from their TNN interview in Nashville.

    Ordering information is now on the Gross and Keeley website!

    13th August 1999
    The Paquin Entertainment Agency has signed Paul Gross and David Keeley for live engagements across Canada.  The agency lists Bryan Adams, David Bowie, Paul Brandt, Genesis, Kenny Rogers, Travis Tritt and Neil Young among its previous clients.

    And Gross and Keeley will appear on TV in Switzerland on 28th August when they will be performing at the "Miss Swiss" contest!

    9th August 1999
    Guests at RCW 139, the annual Due South convention in Toronto, were delighted yesterday when Paul Gross flew in from Alberta to make an appearance.  He again mentioned the possibility of making a two-hour special of Due South - perhaps in London, England - and also said that he and David Keeley would like to record a second album.

    1st August 1999
    The Gross/Keeley UK single 32 Down on the Robert Mackensie which contained the song Family Matters has now been deleted from catalogues and can no longer be obtained.

    15th July 1999
    Paul Gross has set up his own production company, Whizbang  Films in collaboration with Frank Siracusa, Producer of Due South, and Bob Carney, Co-Executive Producer of the show.  The Judas Kiss is their first project.  Sources: Calgary Herald and S Clemens

    13th July 1999
    From the Stratford Festival website:

    "Stratford Festival Artistic Director Richard Monette officially announced today that Paul Gross, recognized internationally for his role as Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Benton Fraser on the popular television series Due South, will make his Stratford debut performing the title role in the Festivalís 2000 production of Hamlet.  Mr. Gross will also play the role of Jack, 14th Earl of Gurney, in Peter Barnesís The Ruling Class."

    Hamlet will begin preview performances on Wednesday 3rd May 2000 and play in repertory until Sunday 5th November 2000 at the Festival Theatre.  The Ruling Class will begin preview performances at the Avon Theatre on Sunday 11th June 2000 and play in repertory until Saturday 4th November 2000.

    Stratford have established a waiting list for tickets for Hamlet.

    See entry for 2nd September on our latest news page.

    9th July 1999
    The Judas Kiss will air on 14th November, according to Michael Harris, the author upon whose book the film is based.  Harris will appear in the role of Phil Donahue, an American talk show host.  Source: M Halbert

    See entry for 7th October on our latest news page.

    30th June 1999
    According to Playback's "Ontario Scene" column (28th June issue) The Judas Kiss will air as part of CTV's fall season.  Paul Gross is one of four executive producers - the others are Robert Forsyth and R B Carney (who are also the scriptwriters) and Anne Marie La Traverse.   Alex Chapple will direct, Robin Miller is director of photography and Frank Siracusa is producer.

    See entry for 13th September on our latest news page.

    28th June 1999
    Bravo! will air the Far From Home series with the following titles and on the following dates:

    Sam's Army:  1st September at 8.15 pm and 2nd September at 2 pm

    The Battle of Vimy Ridge:  8th September at 8.15 pm and 9th September at 2 pm

    The Last 100 Days: 15th September at 8.15 pm and 16th September at 2 pm

    Source: M Halbert

    23rd June 1999
    The new WWI film (or films) will be part of a six-hour series entitled Far From Home: Canadians in the First World War. The three-part series, telling the complete story of Canada's achievements in WWI, is to be broadcast on Bravo! and CBC and will include the 1997 documentary, also narrated by Paul Gross, The Battle of Vimy Ridge.  According to the Norflicks website, the other two films are entitled Sam's Army and Arthur's Army.

    18th June 1999
    Paul has completed narration for another WWI film (title as yet unknown) in the Far From Home series.  It should appear this autumn on CBC.  Source: L Feden

    11th June 1999
    Sweeep!  We have been reliably informed that the working title of Paul Gross's forthcoming curling extravaganza is Men With Brooms.  Move over Kari Skogland and John Sayles. Source: BBC

    7th June 1999
    It's to be!  Paul Gross has confirmed in a new BBC interview that he will be going to Stratford (Ontario) early next year to play Hamlet.  He is currently working on The Judas Kiss, a CTV movie about the undercover life of ex-mountie Patrick Kelly.

    And there's confirmation that Paul will be acting in and directing his new screenplay about "one of the world's fastest paced sports" - curling - in Newfoundland.  Filming starts later this year.

    28th May 1999
    At yesterday's Heart of the Nation charity auction in Ottawa, Paul Gross received the first Annual Heart of the Nation Award for successfully representing Canada and for raising awareness of heart disease.  He also revealed that his next project is The Judas Kiss which will begin filming in two weeks in Toronto. Source: M Halbert

    See entry for 13th September on our latest news page.

    24th May 1999
    Interest in the UK single of 32 Down on the Robert Mackensie (the only CD to contain the new PG/DK song Family Matters) has been so great that the Interactive Music and Video Shop have informed us that the CD is temporarily out of stock - but their suppliers do expect to be able to obtain more copies.  For now, all orders will be placed on back order. 

    See entry for 1st August on our latest news page.

    18th May 1999
    Paul Gross will be present at the Heart of the Nation charity auction in aid of the Heart and Stroke Foundation on 27th May in Ottawa.  Tickets cost $50 each.

    More details can be found at

    16th May 1999
    According to today's Toronto Star, Paul Gross is shooting a CTV movie in which he plays an undercover cop - but he stresses the character is "not a good guy".  A possible stage appearance is also hinted at.

    20th April 1999
    Canadian news: Lenz Entertainment recently released a CD single of the David Keeley/Paul Gross song Papa's Front Porch from the album Two Houses.  Gross and Keeley will be making a tour of Ontario radio stations in the near future.

    European news: in the next few months Steinblatt Music in Switzerland will be releasing the Two Houses album in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Italy.

    5th April 1999
    CMT (Canada) tonight showed for the first time the new David Keeley/Paul Gross video of Papa's Front Porch.  If you manage to catch this video, check out 'Papa' - he's Bob Gross, Paul Gross's father!

    26th March 1999
    Lenz Entertainment have announced that the release date of the Two Houses video compilation has been put back to August.  The video will include :
    Santa Drives a Pick-Up
    32 Down on the Robert Mackensie
    Papa's Front Porch
    Two Houses

    16th March 1999
    Paul Gross gave an interview (roughly 10 minutes long) on CBC Radio One's This Morning (Canada) on 12th March.  A cassette copy of the interview can be obtained by calling 1-800-363-1530.  The cost is $20.

    13th March 1999
    Mentioned  on the Dini Petty show on 12th March and confirmed today on E Now! - Paul Gross is working on a new screenplay which he plans to direct later this year.  It's a comedy about curling and is set in Newfoundland.

    12th March 1999
    Confirmed in several newspaper interviews and on the Open Mike show - Due South as a TV series is over.   Paul  Gross says: "I'm sorry but I can't do it forever" and "all the possible stories have been told."  However, it is possible that we might see once-a-year Due South television movies.

    8th March 1999
    Paul Gross will be appearing on the Dini Petty show (CTV, Canada) at 3 pm on Friday 12th March. (For a transcript of this interview, click here )

    2nd March 1999
    Is it to be or not to be?  A recent University of Alberta magazine article suggested that Paul Gross might play Hamlet at the Stratford Festival, Ontario, in the year 2000.  However, Stratford have told us this information should not be considered accurate because "the playbill for 2000 will not be announced until mid-August 1999 and casting will not be known until October-November 1999."

    1st March 1999
    Paul Gross will be appearing as Kevin Black on RED GREEN LIVE í99 on Saturday 6th March on PBS (USA).   Check the Red Green website for exact local timings.
    He is also listed as a guest on the Canadian TV show Open Mike (The Comedy Network, 10 pm and CTV, 12.35 am) on Friday 12th March. (For a transcript of this interview, click here )

    22nd February 1999
    The Holiday Heroes album, featuring Santa Drives A Pickup sung by Paul Gross and David Keeley, has gone gold in Canada.

    30th January 1999
    Forthcoming TV appearance in Ontario:

    "Paula Todd goes behind the red suit with Paul Gross, Tuesday, February 2nd at 8 pm on Studio 2, TV Ontario. They discuss sex appeal, being a family man with a demanding schedule, why the Americans like Due South, his hopes for the future and more."

    26th January 1999
    Dave Pressland has kindly provided a short clip of Family Matters as a .wav file - but be aware that downloading can take several minutes. Clip withdrawn as Family Matters is to be included on the second Gross and Keeley album.
    16th January 1999
    Doh!The UK faction are pleased, but embarrassed, to announce that they have just discovered the existence of a previously unreleased song, Family Matters,  by Paul Gross and David Keeley on the UK single of 32 Down on the Robert Mackensie.  The CD was released in the UK in August 1998.  (We all bought the Canadian version, you see ....)  The single, which is on the Scorpio label,  is available to order in some UK shops (try your local independent dealer), price £3.99 - £4.99.  It can also be obtained from  the Interactive Music and Video Shop , who accept UK and overseas orders online.  The catalogue number is SMCDS 741Source: E McLean 

    See entry for 1st August on our latest news page.

    15th January 1999
    Paul Gross's World War One screenplay is now finished.  Source: M Sykes
    24th December 1998
    Issue 110 of TV Zone contains an interview with Paul Gross as executive producer of Due South.  The magazine is available in UK shops for £2.99 but can also be ordered from

    20th December 1998
    The Gross and Keeley website  confirms that the video to be released by Lenz in the New Year will include the following songs:
    Santa Drives a Pick-Up
    32 Down on the Robert Mackensie
    Papa's Front Porch
    Two Houses
    The Holiday Heroes CD featuring Santa Drives a Pickup has almost gone gold and a preview of the Santa video will be on the Gross and Keeley website soon.

    The Two Houses CD now includes 32 Down on the Robert Mackensie and a bonus single disc of Santa Drives a Pick-Up.  The new address to order Two Houses from is:

    d.e.p. Distribution Exclusive Ltée
    2040, St-Regis
    Dorval, Quebec
    Phone - 514-683-2040
    Fax - 514-683-2147

    9th December 1998
    The Paul Gross and David Keeley video featuring songs from Two Houses is now due for release in January.  It will also include Santa Drives a Pickup.

    The book signing at Indigo Books on 12th December will be from 2 pm - 3 pm only.

    5th December 1998
    Advertised in today's Globe and Mail:  Paul Gross will be signing copies of the Due South Official Guide at Indigo Books in the Manulife Centre (Bay & Bloor in Toronto) on Saturday 12th December at 2pm.
    3rd December 1998
    The Santa Drives a Pickup  video, filmed at the Black Creek Pioneer Village, has been spotted on Cable 10 in Canada and will also be shown on MuchMusic and CTV. 
    29th November 1998
    The Holiday Heroes CD, featuring Santa Drives a Pickup sung by Paul Gross and David Keeley, is now available throughout Canada.  It costs between $16.99 and $19.99 and sales will benefit The Special Olympics.  Artists listed on the CD include: 
    Paul Gross and David Keeley
    The London Philharmonic
    Collin Raye
    Roy Orbison
    Michelle Wright
    Alan Jackson
    The Cornwall Police Service
    Bobby Bare
    The Bacon Brothers
    Cissy Houston
    Stef Carse
    Donna Summer
    Bruce Guthro
    Rita McNeil
    Brooks & Dunn
    Ryan Murphy
    BJ Thomas
    New York Stage Orchestra
    Francis Goya
    José Feliciano
    To order a copy of the CD by mail, call Margaret Coelho in Ontario on (416) 292-8111 ext 238 with your Visa (not Mastercard) number

    The CD number is KOC-CD-8800.  It's produced, licensed and compiled by Gilles Godard Productions and distributed by KOCH International Inc, 1220 Ellesmere Road Unit 8, Scarborough, Ontario, M1P 2X5 Canada.  Source: E Dickenson

    26th November 1998
    Filming is complete on the long-awaited video featuring Paul Gross and David Keeley singing four tracks from Two Houses - but the video is still in production at Lenz Entertainment.
    7th November 1998

    Filming is taking place in Toronto this weekend of a video of Santa Drives a Pickup

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