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January-June 2006

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17th June

Thanks to Kim who writes that due South is back on Dutch TV (RTL4) on Saturdays at 11.24 am.

14th June

Miranda writes: Slings And Arrows 3: Episode 1 airs for the first time on 24th July at 10 pm! More here.

And Due South is showing on "TVtropolis" in Canada (the channel previously known as "Prime"): see here. It's on at 11 am and 7 pm ET/PT Monday to Friday. The 11 am timeslot is one episode ahead of the 7 pm timeslot. Currently on episode 5, Pizzas and Promises, airing Monday June 12th. (Thanks Miranda! )

9th June

Attention, The Netherlands! On Saturday 10th June "Slings & Arrows" will be broadcast on Nederland 3 (VPRO) at 23.35 hrs local time. Many thanks to Woudje for passing this on.

6-delige Canadese (CDN) comedyserie. Met: Paul Gross, Stephen Ouimette e.a. Serie over een groep Shakespeare-acteurs die een festival organiseren op verzoek van groepje rijke varkensfokkers. Het gezelschap komt zonder artistiek leider te zitten als deze (Oliver) na een lousy première dronken wordt overreden door een vrachtwagen. Zijn oude vriend en collega Geoffrey wordt aangewezen als zijn voorlopig opvolger. Ooit in het verleden speelden ze samen de sterren van de hemel. Tot Geoffrey in zijn Hamlet-rol een nervous breakdown krijgt. Sindsdien speelt hij niet meer, heeft hij geen contact meer met Oliver en leidt een inferieur toneelgezelschap. Maar nu wordt hij min of meer gedwongen Oliver op te volgen. Hij is echter nog verre van stabiel en als het gezelschap ook nog eens Hamlet gaat opvoeren is het hek van de dam.

6th June

There is a rare opportunity for UK viewers to see Gross Misconduct (1993), for which Paul Gross wrote the award-winning screenplay. It will be showing on Reality Extra (Sky channel 152) on Monday 17 July 2006 at 9 pm and 2 am.

4th June

H2O is on in the UK again this week. You can see it on Hallmark (Sky 153, NTL 190 and TeleWest 190) on Thursday 8th June and Friday the 9th at 11 pm. Many thanks to Jenna for alerting us!

27th May

At home in TorontoThe Hamilton Spectator has an interesting article about Paul Gross and Martha Burns and their 80 year old house in Toronto. Thanks to Wendy for the heads up.

24th May

The Season 2 Region 2 DVD of due South has been reduced to £38.99 at - thanks to Margot for letting us know!

9th May

due South has returned to French TV! The first episode is tonight at 7.40 pm - thanks to Caroline for the news. We think it's on NT1.

26th April

Due South Season 2 (Region 2) has a new DVD release date - 29th May. The price at is currently GBP £44.99 and you can pre-order it here.

17th April

Carol has nominated Murder, Most Likely at as a show we'd all like to see released on DVD. She asks that as many people as possible go there and register to lend their support!

14th April

Read an interview with Paul, The Lost Picture Show, in the latest edition of Maclean's. Thanks to Julie for the link.

And thanks to Lee for the news that Slings & Arrows will also be on sale in the US, on 27th June (three weeks after the Canadian release). The price at is currently $20.99 and you can pre-order here.

Slings & Arrows series 112th April

At last, a release date for Slings & Arrows! Thanks to Duranee for letting us know that Series 1 will be out on DVD on 6th June. The price at is currently $27.99 and you can pre-order here.

11th April

"due South: The Complete Second Series" on Region 2 DVD (5 discs) is now expected on 29th May, according to the distributor. Thanks to Margot for the good news!

9th April

For UK fans, Carole has spotted that ITV3 are going to continue showing repeats of due South starting again with the Pilot on 18th April.

And from Canada, Maria writes: "If you managed to catch the PG Star! Close-Up ep a week or so ago on CityTV (Toronto, Ontario), check out the upcoming Kenneth Welsh episode. The description mentions that Paul Gross and Colm Feore will be interviewed discussing Ken." Showing at 11 am and 4.30 pm ET on 20th April.

8th April

Region 2 "Due South - The Complete Second Series" was available to pre-order from but seems to have been withdrawn again, even though the distributor is still showing the release date of 8th May. We'll keep you posted! Thanks to Margot for letting us know.

27th March

Thanks to Ann for the news that "Due South - The Complete Second Series" will be released in Region 2 DVD format on 8th May 2006!

25th March

Bravo (Canada) is re-running the Star! Close-Up on Paul Gross: Man With Talent (2002) on 31st March at 5.30 pm ET.

Thanks to Karen for pointing out that Sling & Arrows II starts again on Artsworld (UK) at 1.15 am on Sunday 26th March - remember that the clocks will have gone forward by one hour by then!

9th March

Thanks to Sharon for the reminder that Prairie Giant: the Tommy Douglas Story is on TV this coming Sunday and Monday nights (March 12 and 13th), from 8-10 pm (in Ontario) on CBC. Paul plays John Diefenbaker.

3rd March

Burnt ToastThanks to Julie for pointing out that Burnt Toast (starring Paul in part one) will be released on DVD on 28th March. It can be pre-ordered from the CBC Shop for $24.98, or from for $17.49.

28th February

Maria writes that Showcase in Canada is going to start rerunning Season 1 of Slings & Arrows on 12th March. Thanks Maria!

And thanks to Lisa for this UK news: TV and Satellite Guide magazine has H2O listed as showing again on Hallmark (new number 153) in the UK for Thursday 9th March and Friday 10th March, both airing at 11pm. And it seems as though due South will be going straight into Season Three also, starting on Friday 10th March.

10th February

For viewers in the UK: Nichola has been checking out the TV guide as due South series 1 is due to end next week on ITV3 ... and the great news is they seem to be carrying on straight away with series 2. Thanks Nichola - that's a relief!

For viewers in the US: "Slings & Arrows - a smart look at the miscellaneous crises, creative conflicts, and romantic couplings of a beleaguered Shakespearean theatre festival - returns for a second season on Sundance Channel with six new episodes beginning Sunday, February 19 at 8 PM ET/PT."[more ...]

7th February

The Burnt Toast website is now active and as long as you have Flash installed you can find a trailer, synopses, air dates and cast details. The DVD of Burnt Toast is available from

3rd February

Thanks to Maria for the reminder that Burnt Toast, one part of which features Paul, is scheduled for 8 pm ET on Thursday 9th February as part of CBC's Opening Night. "Nothing Ever Happens in the Park: Various people in a park longingly admire each other from afar. Stars Jessica Holmes, Paul Gross, Phillip Akin and Scott Thompson, and features the voices of Shannon Mercer, Peter McGillivray, Michael Colvin and Jean Stilwel."

Burnt Toast airs on Thursday 9th Feb at 8 pm on CBC and in three parts on 10th, 17th and 24th at 7.30 pm on Bravo.

2nd February

The first Region 2 DVD set of due South is now out, and there is exciting news! The inner sleeve reads:

"Series 2 and 3 of Due South will also be available in 2006 for the first time in the UK on DVD. Fans of the series can look forward to a number of mouthwatering special features included in both these series sets which will make these the definitive releases and well worth looking forward to."

31st January

Good news for readers in the US! Kate in Maine writes:

"The Sundance Channel will be airing Slings & Arrows Season 1 in a one day marathon - February 18, starting at 3 pm running through 8 pm.

Season 2 of Slings & Arrows starts airing the next day at 8 pm. They only have the first three episodes of Season 2 listed but I'd expect the times to remain the same for the last three episodes."

30th January

We have sent on to Paul cards from the Good Gifts charity telling him that two AK-47s, two rocket launchers and two small armoured vehicles (all safely decommissioned by the UN!) were bought in his name for Christmas. Click here to see samples of the cards - there were six in all, two of each kind. Again, heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this worthy cause!

15th January

News from Bryson - the Region 4 DVD of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea has just been released in Australia. Thanks Bryson!

10th January

Thank you to Anne for the news for UK viewers that Season 2 of Slings and Arrows will begin airing on Artsworld on Sky digital channel 157 from Saturday 14th January.

8th January

A huge THANK YOU KINDLY to everyone who contributed towards the funding of turning decommissioned weapons into farm tools in Sierra Leone. Our appeal has raised enough to pay for 2 small armoured vehicles + 2 rocket launchers + 2 Kalashnikov AK-47s. Warmest thanks again to all our contributors. We think Paul will be thrilled with his belated Christmas present!

due South on Region 2 DVDAnd here's something to chase away the post-Christmas blues - "due South: The Complete First Series" on DVD (6 discs) will be available from in Region 2 format at the end of this month!

4th January

Exciting news from Carole for anyone with a UK digital feed! According to some on-line TV guides, due South will be shown in the UK on ITV3 from Monday 16 January. The ITV3 webpage only gives listings for a week, so anyone interested might want to check the listings nearer the time. Update: Due South will be showing at 7pm on ITV3 on weekdays with repeats at 6 am the next day, starting with the Pilot Part 1 on Monday, 16 January.